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Soups made right here in Vancouver, BC.

why soup is good for you kitskitchenIn almost every culture around the world, soup holds rank as one of the oldest traditional dietary staples.

Varieties of soup – from broths to stews – have been used to comfort, revitalize, and deeply nourish people from all walks of life for centuries. The simplicity of whole, naturally-raised foods simmered in fresh water to liberate nutrients and flavours to work wonders for the body and mind is far from folklore. Soup is rich in naturally derived vitamins and minerals made available to the body in just the right balance with all of their accompanying benefits.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, soup is a central tenant of food therapy where it provides sustenance within moderation. In Mexico, restaurants stay open late serving soup as a traditional hangover cure. In North America, real chicken soup hailed as “Jewish Penicillin” can relieve cold and flu symptoms better than any pharmaceutical. When our bodies are trying to heal, the warm, light and caloric-friendly soup is the quintessential feel-good food.

Yet in today’s modern diet, real soup has somehow fallen out of favour. Healing broths that stimulate digestion and boost the immune system have been replaced by a flood of laboratory created alternatives in the form of bouillon cubes, dehydrated soup mixes, and canned “soups” that are not only void of health properties, but full of harmful additives.

By using only the freshest local organic ingredients and leaving out common irritants such as additives, preservatives, dairy, and gluten, our soups are natural, clean and pure. Soup in all of it’s low-cal’, nutrient-dense and digestible glory can make the perfect healthy meal for growing children, the elderly, the sick, the body conscious, and those who need to fuel their busy lives.

why organicChoosing to use local, organic ingredients in all of our soups stems from a three-fold commitment: support the health of people, the planet, and provide the freshest, most flavourful product.

This commitment starts from the ground-up. Healthy soils, free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are rich in natural minerals that form the foundation of healthy produce. Chemicals used in conventional farming deplete the nutrients from the land and soil with widespread consequences to the entire ecosystem. Alternatively, organic farming practices ensure that no such chemicals or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are used, opting instead for biodiversity that helps preserve and protect the environment for future generations.

Produce grown from healthy soil through organic farming practices allows us to eat food, not chemicals. Already overburdened by modern toxicity in the forms of stress, pollution, processed foods, and industrial products, the average person has reached a “toxic load” of epic proportion. A simple and powerful way to reduce this toxic load in the body is to avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals such as those used in conventional farming.

The rising popularity of locally produced organic foods and goods in BC allows us to make daily choices that positively affect our health while supporting the farmers and small businesses who provide them. It’s no surprise that unadulterated, natural foods available seasonally are a thing of beauty and richness. Focusing on locally available foods ensures optimal freshness at the peak of their nutrient and flavour potential. Incorporating quality food into your diet is an investment to yourself, your family, and your community.